Igor Herbut
Krzysztof Zalewski
Dawid Kwiatkowski
Adam Sztaba
Natalia Nykiel
Maurice Sklar

the most outstanding artists
from Poland and around the world
will perform on the #onelight Festival stage

ADAM SZTABA – composer, pianist, arranger, conductor and music producer. He collaborated with such performers and music groups as Sting, Chris Botti, Michael Bolton, José Carreras and with the entire palette of the most famous Polish musicians. In 2005 he founded the Adam Sztaba Orchestra. He has arranged and realized the most famous music television programs.
NOSOWSKA – how is it possible that such a modest, avoiding crowds girl has dominated our stage? The answer is simple: talent and diligence.
As soon as Hey is off, Nosowska solo – yet always with excellent partners, penetrates lands where she doesn’t venture with her mother band.
In autumn 2018, she released her next solo album BASTA, which quickly became gold. This time, Michał FOX Król is responsible for the music and production, whose strong beats are pulsating in this album. This is a collection of 11 songs, very personal in the text layer, as Nosowska herself says – “this is the most important album”.

Ja pas! – youtube.com
Nagasaki – youtube.com
KAYAH – singer, composer, songwriter, co-owner of the record company Kayax. One of the most recognized and appreciated artists in Poland. Known for such great hits as “What for”, “Supermenka”, “Testosterone”, “On the tongues”, “Right to left”, “Sleep, honey, sleep.” She released her debut author album “Kamień” in 1995 and so far she has 11 albums. During her solo music career, she received the most important music awards, including for the best singer, composer, best song or album. All of her albums have received Gold or Platinum or even Diamond status.
She cooperated and cooperates, among others with such world artists as Goran Bregović, Cesaria Evora, Teofilo Chantre, Idan Raichel and Yasmin Levy.
SKUBAS – an artist who created one of the most beautiful Polish love songs about … the lack of love.
His lyrics are full of emotions. Without unnecessary embellishments, he touches on topics in which every listener can find a part of themselves. All this is accompanied by sometimes tender and delicate, sometimes dark, dirty, almost grunge compositions.
Since his debut, Skubas has performed several concert tours and made performance at major Polish festivals (incl. Open’er, Orange Warsaw Festival, Jarocin, Przystanek Woodstock). He also participated in such projects as the Men’s Playing Orchestra, Citizen GC v. 2.0 or European Stadium of Culture.
“Glass Months” is a single announcing the artist’s third album. Its concert premiere took place on August 17 during Men’s Playing in Warsaw in front of over 15,000 people.

youtube.com – video
The need to contact the audience is an integral part of life of KRZYSZTOF ZALEWSKI. First, there were concerts played in almost every corner of Poland with the material from “Zeliga”. Later, an amazing one man show, where Krzysztof was the only one on the stage to perform new versions of the intricate numbers from the debut album.
A breakthrough in his work was the album “Gold” released in 2016 – which has been already goldened by the Audio Video Producers Union.
The album “Zalewski sings Niemen” brought Krzysiek another spectacular success
All these successes finally contributed to the award of the Polish phonographic industry in the form of two Fryderyk awards in 2018. The awards were presented in the categories New Performance for the album Zalewski sings Niemen, as well as for Composer of the Year, which Krzysiek together with Dawid Podsiadło received for the song Beginning.
IGOR HERBUT – leader of the LemON group. Composer, vocalist, songwriter, producer of all four albums of the band. He has won many awards, gold and platinum albums, as well as three nominations for Fryderyk award. The Lemkos traditions in which he was brought up so far leave their strong mark on the music he creates. His vocal skills and unusual timbre were appreciated not only by listeners but also by the greatest musical authorities in the country.
NATALIA NYKIEL strongly entered the music market. Her debut album “Lupus Electro”, launched in 2014, revolutionized Polish electropop scene. Recorded in cooperation with such artists as Katarzyna Nosowska, Paulina Przybysz or Karolina Kozak, it has filled the gap that has been ongoing for many years on the domestic music market. Without following current trends, she opened a new, long-awaited chapter in the history of the Polish electro pop. At the same time, Natalia has become the unquestioned, musical icon of the Internet – her videoclips have had over 170 million views. Natalia has earned herself the position of one of the most respected and sought after singers in the country. She is one of very few artists, whose concerts are visual and conceptual shows and enjoy huge popularity.
KLEZMERANIANS – based out of Philadelphia, this band brings together musicians from around the world, playing traditional and modern Jewish folk music. This band has played together for over 15 years, and love being a part of bringingback lie to this nearly lost art form.

youtube.com – video 1
youtube.com – video 2
MIQEDEM – meaning “from the east,” a collective of musicians based out of Tel Aviv. Their music reflects the culture of a city caught between worlds. Much of their genre-melting is taken directly from the Hebrew Tanach.

youtube.com – channel
MAURICE SKLAR – a world renowned Julliard trained violinist from a Jewish family in New Orleans. Dr. Sklar has appeared as a soloist with many orchestras and continues to perform concerts around the world



Friday 19:00

The #ONELIGHT concert with Kayah, Nosowska, Krzysztof Zalewski, Igor Herbut, Adam Sztaba with orchestra and international guests: Maurice Sklar, Miqedem, Klezmeranians

A message of unity and hope – the story of Jonathan Bernis, a Jewish rabbi of Polish origin

Saturday 19:00

#ONELIGHT concert with Kayah, Nosowska, Natalia Nykiel, Skubas, Dawid Kwiatkowski, Adam Sztaba with orchestra and international guests: Maurice Sklar, Miqedem, Klezmeranians

A message of unity and hope – the story of Jonathan Bernis, a Jewish rabbi of Polish origin

Sunday 15:00

#ONELIGHT – celebrating together

Guest: DownTown Brass



a unique international initiative

for the first time in Poland

20 cities, 6 countries, thousands of participants from around the world – for 20 years #onelight festivals, organized by the Miracles of Israel foundation, build bridges of understanding between Christian and Jewish cultures and traditions that have lived side by side for centuries.

In December 2019 we will witness an extraordinary event. Christmas and the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah are almost at the same time. On the #onelight stage, their stars glowed with one glow.

Together with the most eminent artists of the Polish and foreign music scene, we will celebrate unity, hope and victory of light over darkness together. Let’s be together at this special, festive time!

We want this concert to be a great opportunity to remind us of the shared history of Jews and Poles,” says Jonathan Bernis, a representative of the Miracle of Israel, who will share an inspirational message of faith and hope during these evenings. – “For centuries, our cultures – Jewish and Polish – drew and inspired each other, which can be seen especially in music or Christmas cuisine. We want to show how much we have in common with the Culture Festival.

How to get there


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